Do essential oils work?


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Happy Monday 🙂
I am so excited to release my first ever blog! Today I am featuring a lovely friend-
Natalie Baker trainee Reflexologist and founder of The Earth Witch
I am now in possession of some beautiful natural Clary Sage essential oil, which I am so excited to use in tomorrow’s class!
Did you know it has been said that Clary Sage fights depression, prevents hair loss, lowers blood pressure, improves uterus health, eliminates bad odor, reduces flatulence (gas/wind) and so much more..
Natalie advises the best place to apply essential oils is actually on your feet mixed with coconut oil, as the feet (and hands) do not have sebaceous glands, which basically means, they have larger pores and absorb oil quickly and easily into the blood stream.
For menstrual pains, apply with coconut oil to your stomach.
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Just a little something to lighten your mood.. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed,
Keep a look out for my blog every Monday 🙂
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