Is it damaging to have your nails done?



Happy Monday!
I am so excited to share this weeks blog!
Today I am featuring a lovely friend Marta, the founder of Marta Cani nails
I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful nails i’ve ever had! What a difference it can make just having your nails done! I feel so feminine and so much more presentable..
Did you know you could have Proteins in a nail product?
Actually, let me ask you something, when was the last time you actually checked a beauty product for its ingredients?
We often check food for it’s ingredients (I hope) avoiding nasty chemicals and ingredients, such as hydrogenated oils/ saturated fats which simply the body just does not need,
Did you know, the skin is the bodies largest organ? 
I spoke last week about sebaceous glands on our feet and hands, being larger than the rest of our body, therefore absorbing products quicker. However, the whole bodies skin has pores, and therefore absorbs through the pores into the blood stream, whatever we put on it.
Marta is using an award winning product named ‘Indigo’ I had infills with ‘Protein’ which helps strengthen and protect weak nails, sound familiar?
Did you also know, we have the same amount of hairs as Apes?
However, Homo sapiens hair is much thinner, isn’t that something to be grateful for in itself?
Enjoy this light hearted funny monkey video
I hope you enjoyed,
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