Thanksgiving.. Does Gratitude work?


Happy Monday 🙂

Do you sometimes feel like nothing seems to go your way? Does it ever feel like 1 thing after another keeps going wrong? Do you ever feel un happy?

I have a solution and science confirms it, but, it’s like breathing, you have to do it on auto pilot/ subconsciously, will you give it a go?

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We meditate on it every week in class, and it’s..



In Last Mondays Blog I mentioned that we have the same amount of hair as apes, so we should be Grateful that our hair is not as thick as theirs!

I purchased some petrol from Asda’s petrol station today and didn’t get a receipt, so I went in store to ask at customer services to obtain a receipt as it is a business expense. A very lovely and friendly lady named Kate who served me, advised help would be on it’s way, but it would take 30 minutes. My sudden thought was wow, what a long wait, but as I knew she had the solution to my problem, I decided to eat in store. What a brilliant service and pleasant experience, but that’s a story for another time..

Where am I going with this?

My point is, over a cheesy beans and tuna jacket potato, I was reflecting on the petrol situation. I was manifesting the process of my friends and family who stay out at sea, working on the oil rigs to extract crude oil from the earths crust..

Did you know, millions of years ago, animals & plants that died and fell to the bottom of the sea make up crude oil (petrol)?

I then thought of the process of the oil, which is turned into a useable product to fuel our cars and then someone transports it and puts it into a pump for us to pull a lever and top up our car. I mean, wow..

Have you ever felt an abundance of Gratitude to all of those involved in the process of petrol?

We really do live in such a town full of ease, convenience and opportunity. We have so much to be grateful for, but (more often than not) it’s more than skin deep..

My friend who stays out at sea is Scottish, and he once shared a poem as a wish for me, Lang may yer lum reek” a Hogmanay (Scottish NYE greeting), implying “May you never be without fuel for your fire!”, but more literally translates to “Long may your chimney smoke!” I wish this upon you as you read this.

In order to live by this poem, practice Gratitude, it will fuel your fire ..

I spent the weekend in Coventry at a business seminar and this video never fails to bring a smile to the hundreds of tired faces!

I hope you enjoyed,

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