Do you find candles relaxing?


Scented candles, coloured candles, the novelty of a candle is one of my favourites..

Candles have been around for years, as we know, candles were used to create light in the dark before Thomas Edison patented the light bulb 1879. Wow how grateful I am for light!

Did you know that scientists have found candles to be toxic? (If you are burning paraffin wax candles that is.)


This week, I have the absolute pleasure of devoting my blog to a lovely gentleman Mike who is a beekeeper in Herts. I met Mike when I went along to learn about beekeeping. Today I visited Mike’s home and saw the beehives in his garden. He produces honey from the bees and his wife makes candles from the beeswax. I have a beautiful candle burning now as I write this..


I am so excited to use my new handmade beeswax candles in the class tomorrow!


Honey, often referred to as liquid gold, is such a vital part of our diet, a remedy for so much. If you find you have a cold coming on, amongst many symptoms, dose up on fresh lemon, ginger and honey mixed with boiling water, the perfect winter warmer, because did you know ginger warms from the inside?

We often find ourselves exhausted, burnt out, fed up, stressed, and we seem to think sleep is the answer, but how many times have you had between 6-8 hours and still awoken tired? The key is to analyse what you’re doing whilst you’re awake which could be affecting your sleep. Bathing in hot water has scientifically proven results, so my advise if you’re feeling exhausted, headache, stressed, tired, is to spend 20 minutes this evening to have a hot bath. The key to a bath is to relax, so ladies, forget about shaving your underarms/legs, it’s winter so cover up.. Dry shampoo can be your saviour tomorrow, so really use this time to lay there and do no thing. Get in a habit of this every night, and you’ll see how your sleep improves.

I found this video extremely satisfying!

I hope you enjoyed!

Look out for my blog next Monday 🙂

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