Do you know the biggest killer?

Did you know, the biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide?

Victor Frankl author of Mans Search for Meaning, created Logotherapy, which we work on a lot in the Meditation class, because, trying to figure out what we love will bring us a sense of meaning in our life. Have you ever worked a job that you do not enjoy? It feels like you’re wasting life away right? It is rather hard to put yourself in a positive state of mind by just focusing on the past solely, or the present. However, in class as we work on all 3 elements; being grateful for what we’ve had in our life and by focusing on what we want in the future, naturally brings a happier, more relaxed, positive state of mind in the present (my customers words, not mine). “If you don’t like where you are, move, you are not a tree”

How can we resolve this saddening truth?


I have an absolute passion for what I do, which currently, is to help women become “less stressed and more relaxed” through meditation. I had thought about adding a male class, but this has just confirmed it to me.

So how can I help you now, as you read this blog?


It’s cold, the snow may have caused you some inconvenience, maybe you’re stressed about all of the Christmas plans you need to make, money is tight because of all of the gifts you ‘need’ to buy, you’re concerned how you’re going to feed everyone on the day in such a small place, you hate leaving the children with a Nanny and so on..

So here’s the thing, it’s really simple, and you can achieve a place of peace right here, right now.

Want to be “less stressed and more relaxed?” 

Stress Less Relax to the Max Ladies only Class

Think of all of the wonderful things you have in your life, is it a person? An experience? A book you didn’t have to write? Your favourite movie you didn’t have to direct? Think of all of the gifts you have in your life that you didn’t even have to lay a finger to bring into your existence; how about the workers gritting the roads? The special people who are in your life that you didn’t have to create? The farmers that grow the foods you cook for dinner? Your lungs for your breaths? Your heart for pumping blood around your body? For if you do not have health, you have nothing at all… Focus on what you have as opposed to the opposite.

Here’s a great video by Oprah on Gratitude  

Remember, there are numerous factors that can lead us to feeling stressed and 1 of those is an unhappy belly. If we do not feed our body with the right fuel, we are preparing for failure. If you put diesel in an unleaded, what happens? I have published one of my favourite dishes and something I eat, believe it or not everyday for breakfast, it’s full of colour, flavour and all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy this winter.

For the quickest possible result of feeling joyful, you must have a ‘Secret Shifter’ A song/photo that no matter how you currently feel, brings you joy. I’ll share mine with you, although it will not resonate, because it has to hold feeling/emotion/ memory/ a story to it.. Enjoy here..

I hope you enjoyed,

Look out for my blog next Monday 🙂


Do you know someone who wants to be less stressed and more relaxed? 



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