So much to do, but what to do?

Christmas shopping? Gift wrapping? Christmas cards? Secret Santa? Work? Laundry? Tidying the spare room for guests?

So much to do, but what to do?

This morning I drove from Hertfordshire to Sussex, a peanut butter toastie in 1 hand and a coconut latte in the other.. oops, I mean’t the steering wheel ..

I gazed at the rising sun, I sight I haven’t seen in a long time..

What I noticed, whilst 3 hours away from home, slopping around in the marshy forest, is that, I was exactly where I was mean’t to be…..


See, in theory, I have…

so much to do……. but what to do?!

Pressure.. the feeling when we have “so much to do”.. So how do we manage what to do?

There were a few things whizzing in my mind “text x,y,z, email x,y,z, change bed sheets, xmas shopping, wax legs, wash hair, blog, flier, yoga” etc we all have them..

Thoughts, did you know, we actually have up to 70,000 thoughts per day? 98% of them are the same as yesterday, and 80% of them are negative?..

So, with so much to do… or do we? Do we self apply pressure? Do we self apply stress? Are we just giving ourselves too much to do? After all, we’re human i.e. not robot, we have limits..

My feeling, is that, if you’re reading this and you feel under pressure, or stressed, you need to take some well deserved time out.

As this blog comes to an end, I want you to gaze at this photo I took today of the sun setting.. I want you to spend 2 minutes admiring this sunset for its colours, and then close your eyes and imagine yourself watching a sunset. Where would you be? Who would you be with? What would you be drinking/eating/wearing? Let your mind wander while visualising this for 10 minutes….DSC00807

Are you feeling calmer? More positive? Clearer?

Now, give your attention to 1 thing, and 1 thing only! Put your all into that 1 task, complete it to the best of your ability, and then once you say “well done” to yourself, move to the next task! Be kinder to yourself, give yourself more credit, you say well done to your child for peeing on the potty, so why shouldn’t you praise yourself for raising a family, holding down a job, a marriage, a house, finances, friends and so on…

I hope you enjoyed,

Catch my blog next Monday 🙂

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