Ever feel stuck in a rut?

Do you ever feel like there must be more to life?

Not sure if you’re doing the right thing?

Ever feel like you’re faking it? Putting on a brave face?


Are you actually feeling a bit confused because you’re not actually sure what you want?


Do you want to feel more fulfilled? Happier about your life? Clearer about your future? But, not sure how?


Set aside 10 minutes in your day today for a reflection Meditation,

Don’t have the time to Meditate?

24 hours in a day, 8 hours sleeping, 8 hours working, 2 hours commuting, 2 hours prepping, cooking and eating, what are you doing for the other 4?

Just find 10 minutes, set an alarm and sit down,

Don’t have the space to Meditate?

Sit on a chair at your dining table, on the edge of the bed, on the floor, in the bath, the train, on the toilet, just find somewhere ..

Now close your eyes,

Think back to a vivid hardship in your life,

A loved one passing, a financial crisis, breaking up with a partner, losing your job, miscarriage, health scare, failed business, divorce, burglary, car accident..

Chose just 1 memory,

Think about how you felt at that time…. what were you thinking?….

Did you feel upset? Scared? Worried? Stressed? Anxious? Lonely? Fearful? Unworthy? Overwhelmed? Angry? Confused?


& take a deep breath…


No matter your feelings or thoughts, from somewhere within, you found some strength.. Despite the pain you felt, despite your fear or worry of how you’d pull through… You may of had some support from friends, family, loved ones, professionals, BUT, you alone opened your eyes, you alone looked up and you alone kept stepping one foot in front of the other. Look where you’ve come.. Embrace your journey..

Video- Adversity is what makes you

Now ask yourself, what you’re feeling right now, will it matter in 12 months time?

Truth be told, you’re stronger than you think, being brave doesn’t mean you don’t feel all of those feelings above, it means you feel them and keep going anyway, because you know there must be more to life than this..

Why Meditate?

Other than scientific studies proving reduced stress levels, anxiety, depression, etc

Meditation gives you a moment in time, to close off from the outside world, to sit in peace, to give your brain time to be quiet, calm, collected. A time to feel more in control of your emotions, to feel worthy, to feel loved.

Can’t meditate?

Find it hard to switch off? Mind running at 100mph? Easily distracted?

Stress Less Relax to the Max Ladies only Class

Group Meditation allows you to be in an environment of like minded women, to have someone literally telling you what to consciously think about in a time when you feel overwhelmed, mind running at 100mph..

Based in WGC? Female? Book your free ‘Stress Less, Relax to the Max” Ladies only class here 


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