Mums/ Dads, ever take your frustration out on your kids?

Constantly picking up toys from under your feet, loading and un loading the dishwasher, Picking up dirty underwear from the bathroom floor, turning lights off in rooms that aren’t being used..

Whatever age they are, children seem to bring something to the table.. Wether it be toddlers tantrums or terrible teens, it can be hard work and so easy to takes life stresses and frustrations out on them. A slap on the wrist, or chasing them up the stairs..

We have to remember 1 thing…

“Children do as we do and not as we say”

The last line,

“Let the children’s laughter remind us how it used to be…”

If you want to feel calmer, be more in control of your emotions, and feel happier again, follow these 2 simple steps;

Step 1 – What is it thats stressing you out? What is it that’s causing you to get frustrated?

Stressful jobs, expensive mortgage re-payments, high pressured responsibilities as parents, we all have them, but if we can admit to ourself that maybe we are ‘struggling’, need some support, or some guidance, it’ll all be a whole lot easier. Write them down.

I have grown up amongst 23 cousins (plus extended family), a brother and a sister. A step Dad who runs children’s nurseries and i’ve been child minding since I was a child. I have a huge interest and passion with kids, because it really is amazing how pure, how innocent, and how naive they are. So unconditioned, carefree, fearless., happy they are!

Yes we have bills to pay, jobs to work, houses to clean, but you chose your path, so realise you can also change it..

“I believe that Children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way..”

It’s all so easy to blame other people for our actions or feelings. “He makes me feel worthless”, “she makes me so frustrated”. You may of heard it before, so let this be the time that you take it on board, how would it make you feel if I told you, you have control over how you feel? Just because you might feel worthless or frustrated, doesn’t mean those feelings or thoughts have to dominate your day, or week, month or life even!

What with negativity, poverty, war, politics, “let’s make this world a better one, a happier one”

Step 2 – Take a deep breathe. Meditate. Once you’ve acknowledge how you’re feeling, take time out. Go and sit in your room for 5 minutes, or step outside. Just close your eyes and breathe. Regain your control, because at the end of the day, do you enjoy having that guilt at night when you lay in bed feeling sorry for yourself because you shouted at your kids? “They’re always watching you”

Look out for my blog every Monday,

Louise x


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