Do you run your own business, or ever thought of running your own business?

I am not going to sugar coat it, running my own business, by myself, is single handedly the hardest thing I’ve ever committed myself to do.

People can copy your work, steal your ideas, but no-one can copy you. If you’re out there struggling to make ends meet or failing to keep on going through the hardships…

Ask yourself, “why did I start out running my own business?” Money is not the answer, that’s a result.

“I want to be the girl who makes your bad days better, and the one that makes you say, my life has changed since I met her” 

There’s too many people in this world chasing money, and after doing that for years on end, I realise it didn’t fulfil me or make me happy. No amount of success or fame or money or material goods can fill the void that meditation does. That’s what Russell Brand said on Friday, and I totally agree. 

People may think you’re weird or strange or different because you Meditate or because you practice yoga or because you’re a vegan, but if it makes you feel good, bloody fill your boots! 

Life is there to live, so live it to the fullest, as Dr Patrizia Collard asked on Saturday, “who are you to not shine your light?!”

I fully believe that happiness comes from embracement. Embrace who you are, embrace your beliefs, embrace your inner spirit and shine bright like a diamond 💎⭐️

If you find it hard to embrace who you are, and actually you feel like you have to dim your light to fit in, i’d love to invite you along to one of my Mindfulness and Kindfulness Meditation classes to take an hour out of your busy week, to focus on you, a little bit of “me time”, feet up, tea in hand, letting go of yesterdays stress and overcoming tomorrow’s worries, send me an email with the subject; RELAX to

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