Do you ever get overwhelmed and end up procrastinating?

Laundry on the drier from days ago, emails still in the draft folder, paperwork needing to be filed, a car covered in bird poop, classes that need to be planned, leaflets that need to be delivered, oh and when was the last time I washed my hair?..

I think it’s fair to say, that life can be tough. There’s always something that ‘needs’ to be done and as someone who has access to social media, be it facebook/instagram or even LinkedIn, if you do too, i’m sure you can relate, that social media can make you feel a whole lot worse and even more overwhelmed…

Smiling faces with perfect skin, great bodies with great outfits, flashy cars, homely homes, great jobs/successful businesses, holidays on the beach, I then find myself comparing me and my life to these photos…

“Oh if only I were still in Australia”

“Oh if only I had another £20,000”

“Oh if only I had my own house”

“Oh if only I had my own child” and the list of ‘if only’s’ goes on…

But then, I take a step back and notice, wow, how easily do I judge?…

Just because that person is smiling and has ”perfect skin” with a great body with great outfits, flashy cars, homely homes and sunny holidays, how much financial debt are they in? Do they know happiness? Are they doing great things for themselves and those around them? Great jobs and successful businesses, I mean, what does that mean anyway? It’s all just down to perspective isn’t it?

I asked google for the definition of ‘Procrastination’ it came back with the sentence; ‘The action of delaying or postponing something’
Have you ever done just that? Putting something off because you can’t be bothered?

No motivation, lazy, unambitious, lethargic, tired, confused, lost, stuck in a rut, bored, unhappy, have you ever felt like any of these words, or even been called any of these words?

and that is why I meditate daily, I much prefer being a being. Being in silence. Away from everything and everyone, just at peace with myself.

We put SO MUCH pressure on ourselves, thinking we ‘NEED’ to do something, when actually we just need to be..

Do I really ‘need’ to take my laundry off the drier? Do I really ‘need’ to send those emails sat in the draft folder? Do I really ‘need’ to file the paperwork? Do I really ‘need’ to clean my car that’s covered in bird poop? Do I really ‘need’ to plan classes, deliver leaflets and wash my hair?..

For everyone one of them, the answer is no.

We live in a world where we have instant access to EVERYTHING, an information overload, and an era of over prescribing…

We want everything and Like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory says, “I want it NOW”

Even when you feel like you have no time, now is the time, to just close your eyes and meditate.

“5 minutes won’t ruin your day, but 5 minutes of meditation could save your day” Louise Sizeland

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