Would you prefer a natural way to relieve your Anxiety or Depression?

Saturday 21st September, World Peace Day 2019

In England, as the darker evenings creep up on us sooner, the mornings starting cooler, as I sit in a nice comfy armchair writing this, inside the summer house in the garden, I can hear the distant sound of the train over the Digswell viaduct, crows squawking, the gentle sound of the chimes blowing in the wind and the smell and crackle of the neighbours bonfire, we prepare ourselves for the last weekend of summer and what a summer it has been…

It is so easy for us to see what is over, what is finished and what has gone, but instead if we can change our perspective of looking at things, it will alter our state of mind from a negative one, to a positive one.

The NEF came up with ‘the 5 ways to well-being’, they are; keep learning, take notice, be active, connect and give. If we can ensure we do all 5, just like eating (at least) our 5 portions of fruit and veg every day, we will be on our way to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Keep learning – from a book, an online course, school, college, uni, work etc

Take notice – taste, touch, sight, sound, smell – take notice of what you experience

Be active – walk, cycle, swim, run, dance, yoga, tai-chi etc

Connect – to a friend, family member, colleague, someone new

Give – something without expectation of receiving something back

The 5 ways to well-being, are a bit like a cake recipe, you cannot miss out an ingredient, hoping it’ll work.

I personally feel that the first 4 are quite self explanatory, but for someone who is feeling let’s say, lonely, financially broke, un-well etc, the last way to well-being; ‘give’ can be very off putting. How can you give when you feel that you have nothing to give?

As i’ve been paying off a mountain of financial debt for the past 3 years, when I found out I had to give, I thought to myself, are you kidding me? How can I possibly give? I need people to give to me!.. Then, when I realised, giving isn’t just about money, it made me realise how many ways we can give to others…

I qualified this year as a mental health first aider and what I learned, is although i’ve had bouts of depression, or anxiety, even suicidal thoughts, I found out, through learning, but also interacting with other people who have diagnosed mental health conditions, is that, there are others who need help and support, so to make sure I put this ‘give’ into practice everyday, 5 days per week, since January 2019 I have been teaching online meditation tutorials.

Up until this week, I was using facebook as my platform, because it doesn’t cost me or the user. However, what I have figured upon reflection, is that, using facebook leaves me helping only a finite audience, as many people are not on facebook. Getting crystal clear with my mission, which is to help an infinite audience means I need to up my game. The reason, my mission is to help an infinite amount of people, is because, I have found so much support and help in other people, who I have never met, have no idea who they are, who also tirelessly give their time, by creating videos online.

The first day of Autumn 2019 in England, Monday 23rd will mark the start of the infinite game, as youtube becomes my new platform…….

If you suffer with bouts of depression, anxiety, have suicidal thoughts or any other mental health conditions and you want to find a natural way, to ease and help overcome your anxiety, depression, stress etc, why not learn about meditation?

You can subscribe for free, to my youtube channel, by clicking this link

Happy #worldpeaceday I hope you have enjoyed this read

Namaste, Shantih Shantih Om

Love Louise


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