Happy 2nd Birthday…

As the day closes in, i’m nice and cosy in bed with a cup of tea and a hot water bottle, taking a moment to reflect on my biggest audience event yet, my business birthday, marking 2 years since I started ‘stress less, relax to the max’..

This time last year, I celebrated 1 year since I started my business and I remember coming home and feeling really deflated and I remember I ate a big beef burger and glugged bag a large glass of white wine…

Since then, I have gone sober. You know, after years of self reflection, I realise that 1 thing I am, is easily influenced, but 1 thing I also realise, is that I am very focused, but, if I do not have a firm boundary in place, I have no focus and i’m easily influenced. 1 thing that really bugs me, being in the ‘health & well-being’ industry, is coming across people who teach yoga or meditation or whatever therapy it may be, but they do not have the ‘healthy’ principles set out in their own life and as teachers, we should be setting the standard. “Practice what you preach” and all that.. Maybe that’s just me being strict or controlling with myself, but i’m struggling to find the positive effects of alcohol on our physical and mental state. Who knows, but a British tea seemed to be my best option tonight, along with the other half of the sandwich that I didn’t get to finish earlier, which my beautiful friend bought for me, as I didn’t have time to stop for dinner…

I hadn’t stopped all day, from the moment I got up at 07:45 i’ve been on the go until now. Printing, reading, writing, packing, unpacking, setting up, setting down, phone calls, texts, emails, running errands, but boy was it worth it. As I stood before (I can’t say exactly how many until I check the guest list) but maybe 50 people, as they attended my ‘Health & Well-being, Mindfulness & Meditation’ event to mark 2 years in business. I have literally had the best time, I honestly had so much fun, telling stories, being vulnerable, smiling, laughing, chatting, hugging, talking, listening, sharing and taking, it’s been literally the best birthday I could have wanted.

People from all walks of life, men and women, came together, on a dark and cold night, below 10oc and decided to spend their Monday evening within the community, learning, I just love that. A huge part of my business journey includes learning time, attending seminars, workshops, trainings etc, to enable me to be the best version of me and to help me be the best teacher I can be.

Running a business, is by far the most challenging thing i’ve ever set my mind to. It takes all my strength, my courage, my money, my time, but my word is it worth it? Yes!

Thank you so much to each and every person who took time out of their day today to ‘Connect, Be active, Give, Learn, Take Notice’ You achieved all 5 ways to well-being, I hope you’re feeling it! Thank you to Angela, Louise & Fiona who tirelessly gave their time to help me set up and pack away the venue. Thank you to every single person who attended, for making me feel safe and comfortable to open up and share what I did today, I hope it has improved your health & well-being in someway <3




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