Are you a giver or a taker?…

I have been working all day in the library today and I decided to take a stroll from the library over to Costa for a nice festive hot chocolate. As I crossed at the lights an old man with his walking stick said “it’s lovely to see someone smiling” we walked together and we talked together, I told him that life is what you make it and he told me how he wasn’t always wise, he said I was never a bastard, although I was born one and he chuckled telling me he how he never knew his dad and was raised by foster parents who were horrible, I mentioned how it’s not about the cards were dealt, it’s how we play them, he also told me something so funny about death but i’ll keep that one my little secret 😛

After that I noticed a dear old man in a wheelchair who had no legs trying to get up the hill, I stopped, looked, stepped forward to Costa and then walked over to him to ask if I could help, I wheeled him up to Halfords and had some fun as I couldn’t get the door open and push him in, so a lovely girl saw me struggling and I held the door open whilst she wheeled him in, turns out she was lost and her phone ran out of battery, so I directed her on and then finally got to my festive hazelnut hot chocolate (pmt cravings) 😀

To gain balance in our life, we must learn to give and to take.

How can I give you ask?………..

To register for this event, it is free;

When you arrive, you then pay a £5.00 cash donation per person, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to ‘Mind’ Charity.

I present to you my next venture, my first ever public charity fundraiser event ‘Christmas Crafternoon with a sprinkle of Mindfulness & Meditation’…
The charity behind this event is ‘Mind – for better mental health’ as a health and wellbeing business who is a huge advocate for ‘better mental health’, I thought this was just a perfect match.

The event is being held at Sherrardswood School and will be a lovely christmasy creative afternoon with a sprinkle of mindfulness & meditation. I have been in contact with Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, WHSmith & Hobbycraft to stock us up on arts & crafts to make cards and all sorts.

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas time, even as a single pringle, it’s all about what you make of it, isn’t it? 

Expect Christmas music, glitter, colour and fun!

If you are available on Saturday 30th November and would like to ‘give’ some of your time, the event is from 2-5pm and I would love to host this event with your help to make it a special day. ‘Life isn’t about collecting things, it’s about collecting memories.’




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