Should Men & Women be equal?

International Womens Day 2020
Everyday, I celebrate being a woman. As a daughter, a sister, a God daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a girlfriend and a Founder & Director of a small business in England.

So should Men & Women be equal?

In a world when we can be so many things, why do we want to be the same?

I want this blog to celebrate women, whatever women want to celebrate; Motherhood, Wife life, Femtrepreneur or Feminism…

For me, femininity is about raw emotion, vulnerability, strength, mood swings, nurturing..

I can only ever speak from my personal life experience, because that’s all i’ve experienced. What I know, is that daily, hormones can get the better of me. Crying over spilt milk, but it doesn’t stop me from doing things and that’s what being a female means to me, showing emotion, shedding tears, breaking down, but getting back up again..

On Friday 2nd June 2017, I emailed my manager at the time, to quit my full time job in central London. I took home a comfortable pay slip each month of £1,500+ I never questioned whether I was paid equally and I never have in all of my working life. I’ve just always been so grateful to have a job, an income, because it has given me tremendous independence and I am so grateful to each and every employer who gave me the opportunities that they did…

But, I couldn’t shake the epiphany that i’d had, about a week or so before handing in that notice, i’d been sitting stationary on a train at London Kings Cross station. I suddenly felt uncomfortable, a knowing, just like the knowing I had, as I lay on a blowup sofa one spring day, back in 2015, when I decided to leave England and live in Australia for a year…
I had no backup plan then, and I had no back up plan this time, no savings and I had outgoings of circa £700.00 every month, so it was there, but that normal overthinking the financial worry, that we often use as an excuse to delay things, or even worse, put things off entirely, it just wasn’t there. I just knew what I had to do.
It’s funny, because as you look back over time, it was actually 2nd June 2015 that I arrived in Australia…

In November 2017 I became self employed as a Meditation teacher and it was during my time in Australia that I found Meditation…

….It was all meant to be.
When I started teaching back in 2017, it was for females only, now, I teach meditation for females & males, adults and children, those in the NHS, those in school and those in an office…. I don’t discriminate, so maybe I am all about equality after all…

Stress Less Relax to the Max Ladies only Class

The heartbreak that I went through with an ex, the unknowing of where I was going to live, what I was going to do with my life, it all suddenly became worthwhile, to go through all of that, to experience what I did, it all made sense.

I watched a movie with my boyfriend last night called ‘Passengers’ and that is the best way I can explain my life over these past 5 years, as I let go more and more of control, I become a passenger, of a human life experience. It feels scary, but at the same time so exciting, as if life is already destined for me, we just have to learn to ride the wave..

Happy International Womens Day



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