What do you ‘need’ in life right now?

‘Be careful what you wish for, it might come true’

have you ever heard these words before? Or ‘thoughts become things’? 

“The dream that you wish, will come true” – Disney 

There’s a lot out there to say “seek and you shall receive” – The Bible

But experiencing something first hand is better than any written word isn’t it? 

As a Director of a registered UK limited company, I have to do tax returns, which are basically files to show what money came into my business and what money came out of it, in any given year.
I have needed to find an accountant to assist me with something more technical for a long while now and it was starting to bother me, because it was one of those things I kept putting to 1 side, burying my head in the sand, hoping it would go away type job, sound familiar? 

I bought some wellbeing magazines the other day, a type of magazine i’ve never actually bought before might I add.. However, I am trying to keep my mind busy during lockdown and reading is something I enjoy and I wanted something different to a book.
I was doing one of the exercises in the magazine. It was about attracting something into your life that you want within the next week. I was going to brush it off, because as I asked myself half heartedly ‘what do you want’? and although I could answer with so many things, can’t we all? There wasn’t actually 1 poignant thing, standing out that I really wanted, but I found myself staying on the same page and so, I asked myself again, this time with more conviction, but also changing a word; “what do you really need”? As I thought longer and harder about it, “an accountant” came into my mind, this was perfect, something I really do need and within the next week would be great.

The idea is, once you ‘seek’ you let it go and I forgot about the exercise, I carried on reading through the magazine and I got to the end of the magazine where it’s full of ad’s, I would normally flick straight past these pages, don’t you? This time, I read through every single one and every single ad, but 1, was for some sort of holistic healing; reiki, psychic, angel healing and all sorts, but 1 ad struck me, an advertisement for an accountancy company, the lady who is also a psychic. See, I didn’t want just any old stuffy accountant, working from a plush office in central London, who expenses their posh coffees, I wanted one who actually has an interest in the things I have an interest in, so that we can resonate with one another.
3 pages of ads, only 1 differed and it’s for an accountancy, what are the odds?

The moral of the story is; ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’, it’s one of my greatest traits as a human, as a woman, as an Aries, as a 90’s chick, as me. I don’t get het up on what people may thing of me if I ask a dumb question, no question is a stupid question in my eyes.

Also remembering, asking, or seeking/ wishing or thinking, it’s more than just what you want/need, but it’s about being aware of whether this want/need serves you well. Like I mentioned a quote at the beginning ‘thoughts become things’ be aware of how you talk to yourself. If you like reading and do fancy a good book, I recommend; ‘what to say when you talk to yourself’




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