Has your self care taken a back seat throughout lockdown 3?

Mine has. As I took on a temporary role as a housekeeper to fill my days, my appearance became something unimportant… Since I wasn’t teaching my classes and attending meetings and conferences and holding exhibitions, as I was pre COVID-19, I’ve become a bit of a recluse and a couch potato.. haven’t we all? 

Not going out and seeing your friends, family, colleagues or clients as you usually would affects you, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually… because we are social beings, we long to bond and connect to people and that’s been taken away from us, so it’s not to blame that we’ve experienced bouts of depression or social anxiety or put on weight… because it’s kind of like learning to be a human again, after we’ve been locked away all this time! 

2 days ago I was covered in paint, my hair needed washing and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn makeup… 

24.02.2021 Facebook @stresslessrelaxtothemax

I found it kinda nostalgic this morning, because it took me back to a moment, in September 2015, I’d spent 2 whole months living in a 4×4, my bedroom became a roof tent, my bath became a lake or a river.. as for washing my hair..  well, let’s just say I was lucky if that happened once a week in a public toilet sink.. Laundry was washed in the same way and hung to dry from the doors of the car or over a fence if there was one.. As for shaving.. let’s just say I was grateful for having the little metal tins to eat from, because boy they came in handy! 🤪

National Park, Esperence, South Coast of Western Australia, 2015

That year down under changed my life forever, it was as if everything I’d ever learned, was put to one side and I became a new creation of me.. One that I chose to be..

People seem to have this view of people who go travelling, as if they’re ‘wasting their lives’ and they seem to think life becomes the view through rose tinted glasses, but for me.. I went out of my comfort zone, I loved and I lost, I jumped and I fell, I realised friends don’t always have your back and your family just might not be there when you need them the most… But in every mess there is always a message; The only person you can ever rely on, is yourself. 

So make that self care your own selfs responsibility. It’s not down to others to fill your cup, Let go of the expectations of what others should do for you, they might just be letting up on their own self care too.. 

Choose Love ❤️

Happy Friday,

Love Louise x

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