My Vulnerable

Since being a teen, I suffered with my Mental Health.
I had no understanding of my thoughts & feelings, which made me feel so alone and isolated. I became vulnerable to the ‘popular people’ in school, who constantly targeted me, inside and outside of school.
I felt like everyone hated me and I felt like I didn’t belong, anywhere.
I couldn’t wait to leave school, I hated it, which made me feel even more isolated and different, because everyone else seemed to love it.

After leaving school at 16, I still didn’t know how to express my feelings,
I enrolled for Air Cabin Crew, time for another new,
I had my hair & teeth bleached, I took regular trips to the sun beds and wore fake nails and fake eyelashes and didn’t leave the house without a mask of make up on.
Now that I look different, I can hide my different. (that’s what I thought….)

At 17 my parents decided to part and this is when my world was ripped apart.

I was now 24 and I just knew there had to be more…
A relationship broke down, I lost my job and I found myself living with my Mum & step Dad.
I booked a 1 way ticket and I packed a bag and travelled to the other side of the world, with my ‘best friend’ at the time…

A few weeks in, tension grew and then she flew and I had to start another new…
It was in these moments that I too grew, out of my comfort zone and into the outback.

From Australia to Indonesia, Poland to Spain, Scotland to Iceland, Las Vegas to France, Bahrain & to India. Christianity, Buddhism & Hinduism.
At 26 I quit my London career, I took advantage of my credit cards and I started my own business.
I was Desperate, Depressed and I was fed up of faking it, I was physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted…
The last 6 years I have dedicated my life to learning about myself, emotions, thoughts, the body, the brain, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Self Love, Gratitude, Rituals, Prayer, Mental Health, Crystals and so much more…

I don’t know everything,
but if i’ve learned 1 thing,
it’s to deal with your emotions, feelings & thoughts,
head on, straight up,
because if you don’t,
they’ll come back & bite your butt..

I’m not perfect, but i’m sure as hell better than who I was yesterday.

Fall, fail, try & cry, travel, love, live & laugh, but most of all learn and grow, be vulnerable, express yourself and embrace just who you are.
Cut off your dead weights, cut away from those who bring you down and spread your wings & fly because there’s a whole world out there waiting for you!

YOU are your only limit.

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Love & Light

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