Figuring out your $#!*

I remember a counselling session I had last year, I was having the sessions (in my head) because of boy troubles. When in reality there was boy troubles, family troubles, money troubles, career troubles, it’s like that isn’t it? You can talk about 1 thing, but then it opens up a can of worms. I believe this is the reason so many, don’t open up, don’t face their troubles, because there’s just too many and the thought alone is too overwhelming. People just carry on working tirelessly, racing through life and then it often takes a tragedy, or as some people may say a ‘mid life crisis’ before we finally start to address what’s going on, because we realise, we cannot run away all our lives. For some, it has the opposite effect and things get worse, sometimes critical.

I don’t know what it is, if people are born lucky or unlucky, but i’m not interested in figuring that out. I’m just interested in figuring out my $#!*
I had some troubles, like we all do and in 2015 I found myself in a pretty empowering situation, to literally take a hold of my whole life. Obviously I didn’t feel like that in the midst of losing my job and breaking up with my partner and having to move back in with my parents. It took a quiet moment in the Dorset air, with the sun shining on me, whilst laying on a blow up sofa, looking up at the clouds, wondering ‘what next?’…

A couple of months later I boarded a 1 way flight to Darwin, Australia and the next year was full of spontaneity, fun adventures and more troubles too…

I’ve managed to learn a lot in the last 6 years since that flight, which has helped me cope better and in turn has helped me to live better and I thought if it helps me, it can help others too. So in 2017 I started teaching my own classes to others who also wanted to figure some things out, whether it was their goals or sleeping better, reducing stress or calming anxiety, it’s been a good run. What i’ve learned though, is that, you don’t learn how to reduce stress or anxiety, learn to sleep better and then never face these issues again, because come on, “life’s not fair” and “Nobody said it was easy“..

But by going on a journey, we obtain an indispensable toolkit, which quite often, can be free. I spent a lot of time at a Hare Krishna temple, a Buddhist Monastery, where I spent 4 days in silence! I spent many Sunday’s and even Wednesdays at a Church, I learned about the Yogic teachings in India, but my teachings are not religious, I find i’m too much of an explorer to stick to 1 idea. I love to travel, I enjoy retreats, spa days, books, photography, movies, date nights, shopping and the list goes on..

March 23rd 2020, was another reminder to me that, “life’s not fair” we went into lockdown on my birthday and we were still in and out of lock downs on my 30th birthday the following year. I haven’t taught a single in person private class over the past 18 months, because of the COVID-19 restrictions, but as Coldplay sung “Nobody said it was easy“. I’ve taken a hold of the privileges that I have, like my own home, a mobile phone, internet and I guess confidence and I started teaching online instead. See it’s not about being lucky or unlucky, it’s about figuring out your $#!* ”It’s not about the cards youre dealtbut how you play the hand.”

So do you want to learn to figure out your $#!*?
You can still do this via online Zoom classes or,
finally, coming this month, we are getting back in the room and you can have real in person sessions yay!

Until next time,
Louise X


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