Happy New Moon, Happy New Year, Sunday 2nd January 2022

I’ve felt pants all day today. Pregnancy insomnia getting the better of me.

Sleep deprivation affects many, for many reasons, it can be a very tiring time..
Going on our phone to listen to guided meditations, making a herbal tea, running a nice bubble bath, it can feel like you try everything and nothing works…

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but 1 thing I have learnt, is to never stop trying new things, but sometimes, just give in. Sometimes we just need to stop ‘trying’, surrender and ‘just be’

Thankfully my baby is still safely growing inside my belly, as I reach 31 weeks pregnant today…

Christmas & new Year 2021

I had no-one to tend to today, just myself and with nowhere I needed to be, other than dog sitting, with my partner by my side, I took advantage of the opportunity I had today to just do nothing, and so, with that in mind, I let go of the need to try and sleep and instead just enjoyed the moments doing what I fancied, watching some gardening programmes on tv, chatting with my boyfriend, sorted some laundry and then this afternoon I ended up having a lovely nap..

How I see life, is like a magnet, sometimes when you try too hard, you end up repelling what you actually want, just the same as the ‘like poles’ on a magnet.. ”Opposites attract” springs to mind..

After my nap, I took out my laptop as I remembered I needed to book a blood test before my midwife appointment this week and as I took the laptop out of it’s bag, I glimpsed my new 2022 diary. As I opened the first page of January, I was reminded that today is a new moon.

Many believe in the affects that the moon has on us, mentally and emotionally, even physically and today especially, as the new lunar phase begins tonight with a New Moon 🌚

New moons signify new beginnings. New starts, new chapters, new adventures, new goals. A time to reflect and start anew. .

My goal of this months new moon, is to let go and surrender to the final stages of my pregnancy, let Mother Nature do her thing and use my body as she needs to grow and nurture my baby girl.

What’s a goal of yours this month?

Cheers to January 2022!

Love Louise x

‘Stress Less Relax To The Max’

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