About us

Stress Less Relax To The Max is back!
Is Stress or Anxiety overwhelming you or making you feel lonely?
Do you need time out from a busy day?

Step away from your daily distractions and into a retreat like escape, with like minded women, into a safe, calm Oasis..
At: Sherrardswood School
On: Thursday’s
At: 7PM to 8PM

Relax in guilt free me time, away from your daily distractions, simply call Louise at ‘Stress Less’ on 07840 131331, (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM)
Click here for fees & package options

What happens in a ‘Stress Less’ session?
– Sitting/ Laying/ Relaxing on a mat
– Calming Music
– Relaxing Scents
– Stretching / Yoga teachings
– Mental Health tips & exercises
– Mindfulness & Meditation
– Non religious

Who is behind ‘Stress Less, Relax To The Max’
My name is Louise, I live and run my small business from a small English village in Hertfordshire and if you want to nose into my life a little more, you can follow my journey by clicking here.

Why? Why did I start ‘stress less, relax to the max’?
The way I learned to cope with Stress (or not cope, should I say), was by running away and we all know, that running away from our problems, doesn’t make them go away.
I believe that everybody has the right to know how to relieve their stress.
I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

So in June 2017, I quit my full time London job and embarked on a creation, which on 7 November 2017, Stress Less Relax To The Max was born…..

Stress Less Relax To The Max LTD is a limited company registered in England
Registered number: 11384071 
Registered office address: 2 West Cottage, Rushden Road, Sandon, Hertfordshire, SG9 0QS

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