Do you feel under pressure?

Under pressure, whether in your job, or with family, or with friends, in your personal relationship, or with finances, feeling under pressure can be a very overwhelming feeling, especially if you feel under pressure in all of these areas! One of the biggest pressures I have noticed that I feel, is responding to text messagesContinue reading “Do you feel under pressure?”

Are you facing a hardship in your life right now?

What I have come to realise in life is that, sometimes, we do have to do things that we do not want to do, but it’s down to us to realise, whether it is to work towards something worthy. Let me give you an example… In England where I live in Hertfordshire, if you wantContinue reading “Are you facing a hardship in your life right now?”

Do you feel unfulfilled in life?

Friday night and the lights are low….. Pj’s on, everyones out, cuppa in hand, let’s get talking…. I did actually start writing this blog on Friday night and it’s now Sunday afternoon! I have been studying numerous courses this year and Deepak Chopra Inspired me to study one of them, which is; Ayurveda (the sacredContinue reading “Do you feel unfulfilled in life?”

Do you ever get confused about what’s ‘best’?

I’ve just popped on some headphones and put on a ‘fireplace crackling logs’ soundtrack on youtube. Saturday night, chilling in at home, I haven’t picked up my mobile phone since 08:45am this morning, as I left off to Bhaktivedantor Manor, which is a Hare Krishna temple in Aldenham, which is the UK’s largest centre ofContinue reading “Do you ever get confused about what’s ‘best’?”