Do you ever worry about job security?

Do you ever worry about job security? Ever feel like your job could be at risk? Do you then worry about finances? Worry how you’ll pay credit card bills? Does your mind ever run at 100mph? Do you struggle to switch off? Does stress ever effect your sleep? Do you just want to feel calmer?Continue reading “Do you ever worry about job security?”

So much to do, but what to do?

Christmas shopping? Gift wrapping? Christmas cards? Secret Santa? Work? Laundry? Tidying the spare room for guests? So much to do, but what to do? This morning I drove from Hertfordshire to Sussex, a peanut butter toastie in 1 hand and a coconut latte in the other.. oops, I mean’t the steering wheel .. I gazedContinue reading “So much to do, but what to do?”

Do you find candles relaxing?

Scented candles, coloured candles, the novelty of a candle is one of my favourites.. Candles have been around for years, as we know, candles were used to create light in the dark before Thomas Edison patented the light bulb 1879. Wow how grateful I am for light! Did you know that scientists have found candlesContinue reading “Do you find candles relaxing?”

Thanksgiving.. Does Gratitude work?

Happy Monday 🙂 Do you sometimes feel like nothing seems to go your way? Does it ever feel like 1 thing after another keeps going wrong? Do you ever feel un happy? I have a solution and science confirms it, but, it’s like breathing, you have to do it on auto pilot/ subconsciously, will youContinue reading “Thanksgiving.. Does Gratitude work?”

Is it damaging to have your nails done?

Hey! Happy Monday! I am so excited to share this weeks blog! Today I am featuring a lovely friend Marta, the founder of Marta Cani nails I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful nails i’ve ever had! What a difference it can make just having your nails done! I feel so feminineContinue reading “Is it damaging to have your nails done?”

Do essential oils work?

The Earth Witch Happy Monday 🙂 I am so excited to release my first ever blog! Today I am featuring a lovely friend- Natalie Baker trainee Reflexologist and founder of The Earth Witch I am now in possession of some beautiful natural Clary Sage essential oil, which I am so excited to use in tomorrow’s class! DidContinue reading “Do essential oils work?”