Do you ever worry about job security?

Do you ever worry about job security?

Ever feel like your job could be at risk?

Do you then worry about finances?

Worry how you’ll pay credit card bills?

Does your mind ever run at 100mph? Do you struggle to switch off?
Does stress ever effect your sleep?

Do you just want to feel calmer? More relaxed? More in control of your emotions?

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Have you always been a worrier?

Feel like nothing can help because you suffer with anxiety?

Do you ever get overwhelmed with so much to do and don’t know where to start?

Focus on 1 thing, when we walk, we take 1 step at a time, so do the same in your mind, what is the first next step?

If you

ever worry about job security

amongst so much, and you want to be “Less Stressed and More Relaxed” now, follow me..

Every time you feel yourself getting Stressed, Angry, Frustrated, overwhelmed, Out of Control, Anxiety is creeping in, follow this video, set aside 72 seconds every single time you start to feel like this, can you honestly spare 72 seconds to gain control of your emotions? To feel calmer? Less Stressed? More relaxed?

Stress Less Relax to the Max Ladies only Class

It’s quick and simple..

Breath in for 3 seconds,

Hold for 3 seconds

Release for 3 seconds

Repeat this x7 times (total of 72 seconds)

What is worry?

Worry is like sitting in a car, inside a closed garage, ignition on, hands on the steering wheel, foot on the accelerator, revving and revving, car is not moving because the door is closed, you rev and rev, just bumping into the garage door, it gets smokey in the room, you get a head ache, you start to feel sick, a little faint.. Watch my video here

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Louise x

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Worry about getting old?

Worry about getting old??..

  • Worried about your savings/ financial future?
  • Low energy levels?
  • Worry about your diet?
  • Have credit card debts?
  • Worry about job security?

You’re not alone,

Did you know, 69% of people feel trapped in the same old routine and over 40% are unhappy with their lives?

  • Do you want to have more of a positive outlook on life?
  • Do you want to feel better in yourself? Have more energy and confidence? Sleep better?
  • Do you want to feel like you’re more in control of your emotions and life?

Do you want all of this for free, without any pushy sales ads?

Do you trust me?…


  • Wherever you are right now, whichever country, state, town or village, find the nearest place for you, to sit down…


  • Once you’ve found yourself somewhere to sit, I want you to close your eyes, I want you to forget every single thing that surrounds you, I want you to forget every thought/feeling or conversation in your head, making you worry about what others think.


  • Now, take a deep breath, slowly, in through your nose, and slowly sigh it all out through your mouth. Do it again, in through your nose, sigh out through your mouth. 3rd time lucky, deep breath in through your nose and sigh out through your mouth.

You might not feel better yet, but I want you to vision something…

With your eyes still closed and your mind open, I want you to remember a time when you were happy. A time when your belly hurt so much from laughing, or a time you might of even pee’d yourself a little from laughter…


It doesn’t matter where you were, who you were with, how young or old you were, just picture this time you were really truly happy…

Now think..

  • Where were you?
  • Who were you with?
  • How young/ old were you?
  • What was you wearing?
  • What colour was your hair?
  • What was the weather like?
  • What was it you were laughing at?

Take as little or as long as you need,

Now take a deep breath in through your nose, and breathe it all out through your mouth, and again, take a deep breath in through your nose, and sigh it all out through your mouth, and one last time, deep breath in through your nose, and sigh it all out through your mouth.

I want you now, to go and find the nearest place to find a pen/pencil and paper and I want you to write down all of the thoughts and feelings you feel right now, emotionally/physically…

When you’re ready, open your eyes 🙂


Did you know, It has been scientifically proven that Meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, anger & confusion (and so much more)?

Deepak Chopra a Doctor, author, alternative medicine advocate, public speaker has not missed a day meditating in 4 years. There are different types/ways of meditating but the principle is the same throughout, being still, doing nothing but breathing. Here’s a great watch of Deepaks top 8 Meditation tips;

Still feeling stressed out? Mind running at 100mph? Can’t switch off? Let Peter Kay’s video lighten your mood ..

Stress Less Relax to the Max Ladies only Class

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So much to do, but what to do?

Christmas shopping? Gift wrapping? Christmas cards? Secret Santa? Work? Laundry? Tidying the spare room for guests?

So much to do, but what to do?

This morning I drove from Hertfordshire to Sussex, a peanut butter toastie in 1 hand and a coconut latte in the other.. oops, I mean’t the steering wheel ..

I gazed at the rising sun, I sight I haven’t seen in a long time..

What I noticed, whilst 3 hours away from home, slopping around in the marshy forest, is that, I was exactly where I was mean’t to be…..


See, in theory, I have…

so much to do……. but what to do?!

Pressure.. the feeling when we have “so much to do”.. So how do we manage what to do?

There were a few things whizzing in my mind “text x,y,z, email x,y,z, change bed sheets, xmas shopping, wax legs, wash hair, blog, flier, yoga” etc we all have them..

Thoughts, did you know, we actually have up to 70,000 thoughts per day? 98% of them are the same as yesterday, and 80% of them are negative?..

So, with so much to do… or do we? Do we self apply pressure? Do we self apply stress? Are we just giving ourselves too much to do? After all, we’re human i.e. not robot, we have limits..

My feeling, is that, if you’re reading this and you feel under pressure, or stressed, you need to take some well deserved time out.

As this blog comes to an end, I want you to gaze at this photo I took today of the sun setting.. I want you to spend 2 minutes admiring this sunset for its colours, and then close your eyes and imagine yourself watching a sunset. Where would you be? Who would you be with? What would you be drinking/eating/wearing? Let your mind wander while visualising this for 10 minutes….DSC00807

Are you feeling calmer? More positive? Clearer?

Now, give your attention to 1 thing, and 1 thing only! Put your all into that 1 task, complete it to the best of your ability, and then once you say “well done” to yourself, move to the next task! Be kinder to yourself, give yourself more credit, you say well done to your child for peeing on the potty, so why shouldn’t you praise yourself for raising a family, holding down a job, a marriage, a house, finances, friends and so on…

I hope you enjoyed,

Catch my blog next Monday 🙂

Ladies, Can’t switch off? Stress affecting your sleep?

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Do you know the biggest killer?

Did you know, the biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide?

Victor Frankl author of Mans Search for Meaning, created Logotherapy, which we work on a lot in the Meditation class, because, trying to figure out what we love will bring us a sense of meaning in our life. Have you ever worked a job that you do not enjoy? It feels like you’re wasting life away right? It is rather hard to put yourself in a positive state of mind by just focusing on the past solely, or the present. However, in class as we work on all 3 elements; being grateful for what we’ve had in our life and by focusing on what we want in the future, naturally brings a happier, more relaxed, positive state of mind in the present (my customers words, not mine). “If you don’t like where you are, move, you are not a tree”

How can we resolve this saddening truth?


I have an absolute passion for what I do, which currently, is to help women become “less stressed and more relaxed” through meditation. I had thought about adding a male class, but this has just confirmed it to me.

So how can I help you now, as you read this blog?


It’s cold, the snow may have caused you some inconvenience, maybe you’re stressed about all of the Christmas plans you need to make, money is tight because of all of the gifts you ‘need’ to buy, you’re concerned how you’re going to feed everyone on the day in such a small place, you hate leaving the children with a Nanny and so on..

So here’s the thing, it’s really simple, and you can achieve a place of peace right here, right now.

Want to be “less stressed and more relaxed?” 

Stress Less Relax to the Max Ladies only Class

Think of all of the wonderful things you have in your life, is it a person? An experience? A book you didn’t have to write? Your favourite movie you didn’t have to direct? Think of all of the gifts you have in your life that you didn’t even have to lay a finger to bring into your existence; how about the workers gritting the roads? The special people who are in your life that you didn’t have to create? The farmers that grow the foods you cook for dinner? Your lungs for your breaths? Your heart for pumping blood around your body? For if you do not have health, you have nothing at all… Focus on what you have as opposed to the opposite.

Here’s a great video by Oprah on Gratitude  

Remember, there are numerous factors that can lead us to feeling stressed and 1 of those is an unhappy belly. If we do not feed our body with the right fuel, we are preparing for failure. If you put diesel in an unleaded, what happens? I have published one of my favourite dishes and something I eat, believe it or not everyday for breakfast, it’s full of colour, flavour and all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy this winter.

For the quickest possible result of feeling joyful, you must have a ‘Secret Shifter’ A song/photo that no matter how you currently feel, brings you joy. I’ll share mine with you, although it will not resonate, because it has to hold feeling/emotion/ memory/ a story to it.. Enjoy here..

I hope you enjoyed,

Look out for my blog next Monday 🙂


Do you know someone who wants to be less stressed and more relaxed? 



Do you find candles relaxing?


Scented candles, coloured candles, the novelty of a candle is one of my favourites..

Candles have been around for years, as we know, candles were used to create light in the dark before Thomas Edison patented the light bulb 1879. Wow how grateful I am for light!

Did you know that scientists have found candles to be toxic? (If you are burning paraffin wax candles that is.)


This week, I have the absolute pleasure of devoting my blog to a lovely gentleman Mike who is a beekeeper in Herts. I met Mike when I went along to learn about beekeeping. Today I visited Mike’s home and saw the beehives in his garden. He produces honey from the bees and his wife makes candles from the beeswax. I have a beautiful candle burning now as I write this..


I am so excited to use my new handmade beeswax candles in the class tomorrow!


Honey, often referred to as liquid gold, is such a vital part of our diet, a remedy for so much. If you find you have a cold coming on, amongst many symptoms, dose up on fresh lemon, ginger and honey mixed with boiling water, the perfect winter warmer, because did you know ginger warms from the inside?

We often find ourselves exhausted, burnt out, fed up, stressed, and we seem to think sleep is the answer, but how many times have you had between 6-8 hours and still awoken tired? The key is to analyse what you’re doing whilst you’re awake which could be affecting your sleep. Bathing in hot water has scientifically proven results, so my advise if you’re feeling exhausted, headache, stressed, tired, is to spend 20 minutes this evening to have a hot bath. The key to a bath is to relax, so ladies, forget about shaving your underarms/legs, it’s winter so cover up.. Dry shampoo can be your saviour tomorrow, so really use this time to lay there and do no thing. Get in a habit of this every night, and you’ll see how your sleep improves.

I found this video extremely satisfying!

I hope you enjoyed!

Look out for my blog next Monday 🙂

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Do you know someone who seems very stressed? Always in a rush? Doesn’t take time for themselves? Worried? Suffers with anxiety?

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Thanksgiving.. Does Gratitude work?


Happy Monday 🙂

Do you sometimes feel like nothing seems to go your way? Does it ever feel like 1 thing after another keeps going wrong? Do you ever feel un happy?

I have a solution and science confirms it, but, it’s like breathing, you have to do it on auto pilot/ subconsciously, will you give it a go?

Stress Less Relax to the Max Ladies only Class


We meditate on it every week in class, and it’s..



In Last Mondays Blog I mentioned that we have the same amount of hair as apes, so we should be Grateful that our hair is not as thick as theirs!

I purchased some petrol from Asda’s petrol station today and didn’t get a receipt, so I went in store to ask at customer services to obtain a receipt as it is a business expense. A very lovely and friendly lady named Kate who served me, advised help would be on it’s way, but it would take 30 minutes. My sudden thought was wow, what a long wait, but as I knew she had the solution to my problem, I decided to eat in store. What a brilliant service and pleasant experience, but that’s a story for another time..

Where am I going with this?

My point is, over a cheesy beans and tuna jacket potato, I was reflecting on the petrol situation. I was manifesting the process of my friends and family who stay out at sea, working on the oil rigs to extract crude oil from the earths crust..

Did you know, millions of years ago, animals & plants that died and fell to the bottom of the sea make up crude oil (petrol)?

I then thought of the process of the oil, which is turned into a useable product to fuel our cars and then someone transports it and puts it into a pump for us to pull a lever and top up our car. I mean, wow..

Have you ever felt an abundance of Gratitude to all of those involved in the process of petrol?

We really do live in such a town full of ease, convenience and opportunity. We have so much to be grateful for, but (more often than not) it’s more than skin deep..

My friend who stays out at sea is Scottish, and he once shared a poem as a wish for me, Lang may yer lum reek” a Hogmanay (Scottish NYE greeting), implying “May you never be without fuel for your fire!”, but more literally translates to “Long may your chimney smoke!” I wish this upon you as you read this.

In order to live by this poem, practice Gratitude, it will fuel your fire ..

I spent the weekend in Coventry at a business seminar and this video never fails to bring a smile to the hundreds of tired faces!

I hope you enjoyed,

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Do you know someone who seems very stressed? Always in a rush? Doesn’t take time for themselves? Worries? Suffers with anxiety?

Discover how to feel Less Stressed and More Relaxed here…


Is it damaging to have your nails done?



Happy Monday!
I am so excited to share this weeks blog!
Today I am featuring a lovely friend Marta, the founder of Marta Cani nails
I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful nails i’ve ever had! What a difference it can make just having your nails done! I feel so feminine and so much more presentable..
Did you know you could have Proteins in a nail product?
Actually, let me ask you something, when was the last time you actually checked a beauty product for its ingredients?
We often check food for it’s ingredients (I hope) avoiding nasty chemicals and ingredients, such as hydrogenated oils/ saturated fats which simply the body just does not need,
Did you know, the skin is the bodies largest organ? 
I spoke last week about sebaceous glands on our feet and hands, being larger than the rest of our body, therefore absorbing products quicker. However, the whole bodies skin has pores, and therefore absorbs through the pores into the blood stream, whatever we put on it.
Marta is using an award winning product named ‘Indigo’ I had infills with ‘Protein’ which helps strengthen and protect weak nails, sound familiar?
Did you also know, we have the same amount of hairs as Apes?
However, Homo sapiens hair is much thinner, isn’t that something to be grateful for in itself?
Enjoy this light hearted funny monkey video
I hope you enjoyed,
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Do you know someone who seem very stressed? Complains a lot? Is always in a rush? Doesn’t take time for themselves?
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Do essential oils work?


The Earth Witch

Happy Monday 🙂
I am so excited to release my first ever blog! Today I am featuring a lovely friend-
Natalie Baker trainee Reflexologist and founder of The Earth Witch
I am now in possession of some beautiful natural Clary Sage essential oil, which I am so excited to use in tomorrow’s class!
Did you know it has been said that Clary Sage fights depression, prevents hair loss, lowers blood pressure, improves uterus health, eliminates bad odor, reduces flatulence (gas/wind) and so much more..
Natalie advises the best place to apply essential oils is actually on your feet mixed with coconut oil, as the feet (and hands) do not have sebaceous glands, which basically means, they have larger pores and absorb oil quickly and easily into the blood stream.
For menstrual pains, apply with coconut oil to your stomach.
Do you ever feel stressed at work? Ever feel lonely? Ever feel like no-one cares about you? Simon Sinek is a British/ American Author, Motivational Speaker and Marketing Consultant, he says ‘Service’ is the answer, watch the video to find out more..
Just a little something to lighten your mood.. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed,
Keep a look out for my blog every Monday 🙂
Do you know someone who seem very stressed? Complains a lot? Is always in a rush? Doesn’t take time for themselves?
A free class for all females;Click Herecropped-screen-shot-2017-11-10-at-17-02-332.jpg