Aromatherapy Calming Balm 40ml

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A soft, soothing scent to calm the body and mind.

How to use

Simply rub into your temples, wrists or the soles of your feet and let the calming aroma of Lavender soothe your stresses away


Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Flowers

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1 review for Aromatherapy Calming Balm 40ml

  1. Melanie Peak

    Have struggled with insomnia my whole life and up to now I have only found one pillow spray that helps which is very expensive. Saw this at a Christmas market and thought it was worth a try for the price.
    Since then I have used it each day rubbing some into my temples before I go to sleep. For the first few days I fell into a deep sleep but woke early which was still an improvement on what I had been getting. But the more i used it the better I slept and now sleep until the alarm goes off.
    As its a balm you don’t use a lot of the product so it is really good value for money.
    I have just bought a second pot as a gift for a friend.

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